AutoModality® (AM) is the global leader in fully-autonomous advanced robotics control software for UAVs and other small mobile robot systems. AM’s AMROS™ (Automodality Robotics Operating Suite) and Perceptive Navigation® autonomous robotics vision platform allows our vehicle integrations to “fly” autonomously in difficult-to-access locations where there is often no-GPS/RF signal available and/or when close-proximity imaging/sensing is required in order to collect valuable, “actionable” data. Automodality offers full turnkey, autonomous robotics mission service solutions including survey, monitoring, imaging, assessment and real-time analytics for a host of industry verticals including: precision agriculture, transportation, mining, communications, disaster response/first-responder, military, architecture and warehouse/facilities applications.

Key Features

Our Perceptive Navigation software and sensors allow drones to navigate autonomously and get as close as a human inspector through high quality live streaming from mounted cameras to your handheld device. Drone inspection is faster, safer and ensures 100% coverage of the objects being surveyed.


Able to fly over, under and around assets to ensure 100% coverage on each pass

Get Closer

Existing solutions only inspect from fifty feet away, our system allows the drone to get as close as three feet to your asset

Sense and Avoid

Sensors build 3D models to aid the drone’s navigation and maintain constant height over uncertain terrain


Watch live and review the inspection anytime with high quality photo and video images uploaded directly to your cloud account


AutoModality drones use multi-resolution imagery, which allows for smooth zooming between “birds eye” and “street view” images

Hands Off

With its autonomous flying capabilities, completing your inspection is as easy as pressing “Start”

Drone Platform

AutoModality's drone platforms consist of an off-the-shelf drone, such as a DJI M210, a powerful mobile computer, a sensor package, and the Perceptive Navigation software.

Our Partners

What We Believe

After the United States earned a D+ rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers on the Infrastructure Report Card we knew that a rebuild was coming. With six decades of experience in distributed control and three years of research and development, we set out to simplify the inspection process. Our goal was and still is to make the time consuming and often dangerous processes of asset inspection safer and more efficient.


1st Place Winner of 2017
Genius NY Business Competition

1st Place Winner of 2016
DJI SDK Challenge