AutoModality is dedicated to creating autonomous mobile systems that sense, explore, and analyze the world around us. We provide technology and services for automated close-up inspection using drones and are currently focused on the Agriculture and Infrastructure inspection markets. AutoModality is also the home of Team Autero, the winner of the 2016 DJI SDK Challenge.

Our Team

Dan Hennage


Dan Hennage has over 30 years of experience as a computer systems engineer specializing in embedded systems, real-time enterprise applications, and distributed control. Prior to AutoModality, Dan worked at SAT developing autonomous drone technology. Previous work includes co-founding Akuacom, Inc. where he was the chief architect of Akuacom’s cloud-based Demand Responsive offering, co-founder and head of Product Development at Coactive Networks, developer of Automotive Navigation Systems for Navteq, and work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on the Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle) telemetry.

Ed Koch


Ed Koch has over 30 years experience leading teams in the engineering of control systems specializing in distributed control and autonomous systems. Ed Koch was previously co-founder and CTO for Akuacom, Inc., acquired by Honeywell International in 2010 where he served as Senior Fellow for four years. He helped drive the development of the OpenADR protocol and the founding of the OpenADR Alliance where he served on the board of directors. Prior to Akuacom, Ed was co-founder and CTO of Coactive Networks. Previously, Ed Koch led development of the first automotive Route Guidance Systems at Navteq. Ed holds over 20 patents.

Jimmy Halliday


Jimmy Halliday has over 25 years experience in the aviation industry. He is a fixed wing pilot with 250 hours of flight time logged and has spent the last 8 years as co-owner and manager of NorCal Skydiving. Jimmy’s primary role as manager of a commercial aviation business is to manage the fleet of aircraft and personnel. He coordinates maintenance schedules, pilot training and FAA inspections. Applying his experience from the world of commercial aviation, Jimmy is currently working at AutoModality as chief pilot and aviation manager.

Advisory Board

Clay Collier


Clay began his career in the software industry with Teknekron Financial Systems, and was tapped by Telemecanique to work in Sophia Antipolus, France, on Process Control Software. When he returned to the Bay Area, he joined Navteq, and led the team that developed the world’s first fully functional car navigation software. Clay then was the Founder and CEO of Kivera, which delivered the first Location Based System application for smart phones – FindFriend, first deployed by AT&T Wireless. Clay was most recently the Co-Founder and CEO of Akuacom, the inventor of the full suite of software and hardware that created the Automated Demand Response market and led to the OpenADR standard with the support of SCE, PG&E, LBNL, and the CEC. Honeywell acquired Akuacom in 2010. Clay received a B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley, and has patented multiple technologies in the areas of geospatial technology, energy systems, and software.

Clyde Harris


Clyde Harris is a proven business leader with an exceptional proficiency in driving ‘Forward Thinking' technology, products, and services leading to ‘High Impact’ business activity and revenue growth. He has 25 years of industry experience including: navigation & communication technology, software & product development, and international sales & business leadership. This unique combination has enabled Clyde to develop an exceptionally strong, intuitive business sense and a trained market eye in the advanced technology space. Clyde has a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Calgary where he majored in Advanced Navigation and designed a Car Navigation System for his thesis requirement.

Adam Marsh


Adam is an entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple category-defining technology startups including Clean Power Finance and Coactive Networks. As a technologist, he has developed software and led engineering teams in areas ranging from web and mobile applications to large data analysis platforms; as an entrepreneur, his strengths include corporate strategy, planning, and venture formation, in addition to product design, launch, and management. Adam is a graduate of MIT and UC Berkeley in theoretical physics and mathematics.