Perceptive Navigation

AutoModality is a world leader in close-up autonomous drone navigation. AutoModality drones can fly less than a meter from an asset being inspected, providing millimeter level resolution on captured imagery. Using stereo computer vision technology and powerful on-board computers to detect and recognize objects in the world around it, the drone can adjust to changes in the environment or even in the asset itself.

Terrain Following

AutoModality's terrain following technology allows the drone to maintain a constant height above the ground, even on steep hills or over cluttered surfaces.

Sense and Avoid

AutoModality's stereo cameras create a 3D model of the world around the drone allowing it to detect objects in its path and navigate around them.

Object Recognition and Tracking

AutoModality drones include advanced computer vision processing capability allowing it to recognize objects and track them in real time.

GPS-Denied Navigation

In locations where GPS is not available, AutoModality drones use computer vision to navigate relative to the structure under inspection.